About Us

Our story began in March 2021, when our Tiktok account @funnyinnitt was made. In the first year we gained over 30,000 followers. However, that account was unfortunately terminated by TikTok due to unforeseen, unjust and unlawful circumstances. Our new account @itsfunnyinnitt was launched in May 2023, and we are continuing to grow once again. Just over a month later, in June 2023 our online store was launched. Our store took an extended break for upgrades and improvements a few months after its launch until it was relaunched in May 2024.

Our aims here at FunnyInnitt are to provide a sense of daily fun, enjoyment and quality, on our social media, as well as providing these same values, as well as great value and practicality, in the products we sell in our online shop.

On both our social media, and from the products we sell, we hope that you find great use and enjoyment from both. We take great pride in everything we do and we hope that you support us in our journey, in striving to stand out in the world and providing exuberance to all.